The new E Coaster is a powerful hill climber that runs for hours, lending itself to incredible tour and event opportunities.
With 150% braking power, a stable seat, full suspension, and the excitement of lean-to-turn steering (similar to skiing), this vehicle is in a class by itself. There is simply no other rental product like this on the market ANYWHERE.



E Coasters are built for heavy off-road use. While the engine is robust enough to climb steep grades, it comes with 3 power settings; beginner, intermediate and expert to ensure the safety of the comfort of the rider at all times.


The E-Coaster can race across the flats, climb the hills, and turn and carve along rough terrain. The ride delivers ultimate freedom and excitement, engaging riders and creating unforgettable memories.


We work with our tour partners and we monitor the performance of our coasters online. With our support plans, you can report problems in multiple languages, and get instant access to charging performance, maintenance reminders, tips, and on-site tech support. We value our client's experience with us and we have invested in the technology required to guarantee a premium working relationship.


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