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From the mind of Jan Karpiel

The Alien has arrived!

• Battery 14s 52 volt 40AH 2000 wh

• 6,000 watt mid-engine

• 38 kg • Front wheel 29x2.6

• Rear wheel 27.5x2.8

More details on this electric monster coming soon!

About Jan Karpiel

From Josh Bender's Apocalypse and the record-setting Karpiel Speed Bike to Gravity Coasters and even Aquacarts, Jan Karpiel is constantly designing unique and high-performance vehicles for his own use, his companies, or for others.


He has long been known as an eccentric, an industry outlier, and a non-conformist. His ability to tune out the rest of the world and focus on his next project is--at times--all-consuming.

But the end result--a product that offers the perfect Karpiel ride, or creates a new kind of experience, is legendary.

Throughout the pandemic, as manufacturing delays and supply chain problems plagued production, Jan was busy building the next Karpiel innovation. 

Gravity Coaster is proud to offer limited edition Karpiel frames built specifically for collectors. The first model to be available will be the Armageddon29 to debut in September of 2022. 


In the Spring of 2023, we will be releasing another limited edition Karpiel frame that has never been seen before.  

We thank everyone for their interest in Jan's work. Looking forward to these amazing debuts! 

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