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Bike Parks Opening for 2020

With the opening of Bike Park Leogang in Austria's largest bike park region, the MTB and summer mountain tourism season has officially begun. While Coronavirus precautions, such as keeping a 2-meter distance and wearing masks during transport, are in effect, the mountains are set to provide a great escape to visitors who have been confined and isolated in their homes since March.

Bike Park Leogang is part of a network of over 400 kms of trails and offers more than just hiking and MTB adventures. Rental vehicles such as MountainCart and Monster Rollers are also popular with holiday tourists seeking the fresh air and the mountain vistas.

By including gravity rental vehicles in their offer, the mountain resorts of Austria have maintained additional profit channels even in the restricted environment of COVID-19. Rental vehicles are easy to clean, and riders maintain social distancing naturally, ensuring that the entire family can enjoy a safe adventure in the open air.

We are glad to see our mountain ski area partners and associates opening for the summer, generating important revenue for their business and their communities, and offering a much-needed break for their guests.

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